Product Order Engineer In Emerson | 2023


If you’re interested in a challenging and rewarding engineering career, consider becoming a ”Product Order Engineer at Emerson”. As a global technology and engineering company, Emerson provides innovative solutions to industries like oil and gas, chemical, and power generation. Technical Order Engineer at Emerson

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About the Emerson

”Product Order Engineer In Emerson”

”Technical Order Engineer at Emerson”

Emerson was founded in 1890 in St. Louis, Missouri as Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co. by Civil War veteran John Wesley Emerson to manufacture electric motors using a patent owned by Scottish-born brothers Charles and Alexander Meston. In 1892 it was the first company to sell electric fans in the United States. The product range quickly expanded to include electric sewing machines, electric dental drills, and power tools.
Emerson Electric World War II News
During World War II, under the leadership of Stuart Symington, Emerson became the world’s largest manufacturer of aircraft weapons. Emerson ranks 52nd among American companies for the value of World War II military production contracts.

Eligibility Criteria In Product Order Engineer At Emerson

“Product Order Engineer in Emerson”

Bachelor’s degree in engineering (mechanical engineering preferred)

Role and Responsibility In Product Order Engineer At Emerson

“Product Order Engineer in Emerson”

  • Review incoming orders (commercial and technical) against established policies/requirements
  • Compare the requirements in the specification sheets with the technical information in the OEDI/II and bulletins. namely product and service compatibility
  • Verify that the required options are compatible with the selected options
  • Create/update the product structure to match the required build
  • Submit a part number engineering request and/or setup
  • Increases internal purchasing requirements (IOR) for factories
  • Provide timely responses to factory inquiries
  • Assume the role of procurement engineer coordinator for a large procurement project
  • Interact with sales/LBP (Local Business Partners) regarding technical issues

Experience In Product Order Engineer At Emerson

0-5 Years

Location In Product Order Engineer In Emerson

India: Chennai

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How To Apply?

Interested Candidate can apply for this Job

Official Website Link Click Here

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