Microsoft Launches The Program Student Reinforcement Learning Open-Source Fest | 2023


Hello and welcome to my friendly blog! Today, I want to talk about Microsoft’s Launches The Program Student Reinforcement Learning Open-Source Fest

Reinforcement learning is a powerful machine learning technique that has been increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the field of robotics and game development. It involves training a model to make decisions based on the rewards it receives for taking certain actions. This type of learning is inspired by how humans and animals learn through trial and error.

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About the program

Student Reinforcement Learning Open-Source Fest

RL Open-Source Fest is a global online program designed to introduce students to open-source reinforcement learning programs and software development while collaborating with researchers, data scientists, and engineers from the reinforcement learning team at Microsoft Research NYC. Our goal is to bring together diverse groups of students from around the world to solve common problems, strengthen open-source learning, and collaborate with the RL community to drive cutting-edge research and development while providing open-source code, written and published for the benefit of all.

Students will work on a four-month programming research project from May to August 2023. At the end of the program, students present each of their projects online to the Real World Reinforcement Learning team from Microsoft Research.

Accepted students will receive an allowance of US$10,000 or the local currency equivalent. Selected students can receive funds through one of the following payment options:

Eligibility Criteria In Microsoft Launches The Program Student Reinforcement Learning Open-Source Fest

To qualify for this program, students must be enrolled in or accepted at an accredited institution, including colleges, universities, master’s programs, doctoral programs, and undergraduate programs.

Role And Responsibility In Microsoft Launches The Program Student Reinforcement Learning Open-Source Fest

  • Deliver quality work: Compile code, have unit tests and documentation, and pass code reviews
  • Communicate regularly about work done, what you want to do next, and roadblocks
  • Reevaluate project tasks when they are significantly ahead or behind schedule
  • Regular check-ins with your mentor/coworkers
  • Listen and respond to feedback
  • Proactive Learning

What makes a project successful?

  • Success looks different for every project.
  • Challenging yourself and developing skills and knowledge is the most important part.
  • Creating multiple types of delivery is great, but not essential.
  • We all know how development and experimentation work, unexpected problems can arise and new challenges can arise, and it’s all part of the process.

You have mentors and support along the way.

  • A successful engineering-oriented project can include pull requests that bring together your work, design documents, tests, and general documentation
  • Successful data science projects can include download requests, reproducible experiments, datasets, reports, and visualized results
  • A successful prototyping-oriented project can include MVP, testing, and documentation

ProgramDates In Microsoft Launches The Program Student Reinforcement Learning Open-Source Fest

May – August 2023

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How To Apply ?

Interested Candidate can apply for this Program

Official Website Link Click Here

Contact us For the program at email id [email protected].

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