The Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses


What you’ll learn in this Online Course

  • Win at Local Digital Marketing – Reel in Perfect Customers and Beat the Competition in Your Area With Techniques From an Award-winning Facebook Ad Strategist.
  • Complete Digital Marketing Guide for Local Business – Get Found by People in Your Area, with Smart Online Techniques that Put You at the Top of Search Results.
  • Local SEO & Google My Business – the Insider Knowledge You Need to Know to Reach More Customers in Your Area – Using the Power of Facebook, Google, and the Web.
  • Pro-level Content Marketing Techniques– Market All Your Content and Blogs and Get Your Website Visitors to Engage. Use ChatGPT & ChatGPT Plus with Plugins.
  • Walkthrough Website Creation Tutorial – Learn How to Create a Pro-looking Website in Minutes. Optimize your Website Content & SEO with ChatGPT Plus.
  • Meta Ads Power Guide – Everything You Need to Choose and Use the Right Facebook Ad to Achieve Your Aims – Powerful Techniques that Are Constantly Updated.
  • Complete Guide to Meta Business Manager – Learn How to Use this Comprehensive Tool to Organise and Analyse Your Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads.
  • Easy Walkthrough to Setting Up the Meta Pixel – Avoid the Most Common Mistakes People Make and Expand Your Marketing Power with this Essential Tool.
  • Effective Newsletter & Email Marketing Strategies – Send Mailouts that Get Opened and Create Content that Retains Subscribers and Achieves Your Objectives.
  • Niche Proven & Tested Knowledge that Will Turn You Into a Local Marketing Pro – this is the Only Local Digital Marketing Course Currently on the Market!

Udemy Course Requirements

Unlock the Gateway to Local Digital Marketing Mastery: Your One-Stop Solution for 2023

Step into a world where your local business isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving beyond imagination. Welcome to the most comprehensive course that transforms you into a Local Digital Marketing Maestro. Crafted by an Internet Efficiency Award-Winning Instructor, this course is your treasure map to untold success.

Why This Course?

The Future-Proof Curriculum
This course is not just updated; it’s future-proofed. With strategies and techniques that are as relevant today as they will be tomorrow, you’re not just learning digital marketing; you’re mastering it.

The Power of Meta Ads & Beyond
Discover the alchemy of turning clicks into customers. Learn how to harness the full potential of Facebook Ads, Google, YouTube, Bing, and Instagram Ads to make your local business the talk of the town.

Local SEO Unveiled
Why be a needle in a haystack when you can be the magnet that draws the market? Get found fast in your local area with pro techniques in Local SEO, Google My Business, and Trip Advisor.

ChatGPT & ChatGPT Plus Guides
Step into the future of customer engagement. Learn how to use ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus to create compelling conversations that convert.

Interactive Learning Experience
Who said learning can’t be fun? With 210+ interactive quizzes and 40+ writing assignments, your journey from novice to expert will be as enjoyable as it is enlightening.

Copywriting Templates for Instant Success
Why start from scratch when you can stand on the shoulders of giants? Get 40+ copywriting assignments with professional content marketing templates that you can download and customize.

Ready for All Apple & EU Restrictions
In a world where rules are constantly changing, be the one who’s always one step ahead. This course is fully compliant with all Apple and EU restrictions, so you can focus on learning, not loopholes.

Your Local Business Deserves the Best
This isn’t just a course; it’s a revolution. A revolution in how local businesses see themselves and how the world sees them.

Enroll Now and Transform Your Local Business Forever
Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Enroll now and unlock the future of your local business today. The journey to becoming a Local Digital Marketing Expert starts here, and it starts now.

The Symphony of Student Satisfaction: A Scorecard of Triumph

In a world where numbers often speak louder than words, let’s take a moment to revel in the symphony of percentages that echo the success of this course. Each percentage is a note in a harmonious melody, a testament to the transformative journey we offer.

Are You Learning Valuable Information? – 98%

Ah, the crescendo! A staggering 98% of our students feel they are gaining invaluable knowledge. This is the high note that soars above the rest, the melody that lingers long after the music has stopped. It’s the affirmation that the course is not just a series of notes, but a transformative experience.

Are the Explanations of Concepts Clear? – 95%

The clarity of a crystal flute, that’s what this 95% represents. It’s the assurance that the course is not a cacophony but a well-orchestrated composition. Each concept is a clear note that contributes to the overall harmony, making the complex appear elegantly simple.

Is the Instructor’s Delivery Engaging? – 91%

The rhythm, the tempo, the engaging delivery that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats—91% of our students feel the pulse. It’s the drumbeat that gives the symphony its heartbeat, the dynamic range that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Are There Enough Opportunities to Apply What You Are Learning? – 93%

Ah, the interactive segment, where the audience becomes part of the orchestra. A resounding 93% feel they have ample opportunities to apply their newfound skills. It’s the hands-on solo where you, the student, become the star performer, applying each note you’ve learned in a real-world crescendo.

Is the Course Delivering on Your Expectations? – 93%

The standing ovation! When 93% of students feel their expectations are met or exceeded, it’s the applause that reverberates through the concert hall. It’s the validation that the symphony was not just heard but felt, touching the hearts and minds of its audience.

Is the Instructor Knowledgeable About the Topic? – 98%

The maestro’s mastery! A near-perfect score, 98% acknowledge the conductor knows his craft. It’s the virtuoso performance that leaves no doubt, the expertise that turns each note into an emotional experience, each lesson into a lasting impression.

So, there you have it—the scorecard of our symphony, a composition of high notes that together create a masterpiece of student satisfaction. It’s not just a course; it’s a concert where each percentage point is a note in a melody of success.

“The course content is amazing. I have learned many new things, especially new tips and tricks in digital marketing. One thing I have to tell that the trainer is awesome. He is responding to all of my questions as quickly as possible and he is very knowledgable in this field. I have studied many courses on Udemy, but I’m satisfied with this course in all ways possible. Thanks to the awesome trainer and Udemy.” Ragavendra

“This Digital Marketing Course is amazing. I have learned a lot of from this course. I like the explanation style of the teacher. So, please everyone join this course to change your life.” Kamran

“Quite Amazing Course! You teach me like a Pro and understandable techniques! Thank you so much for your hard work of your pleasure! Quite Beautiful.” Dhiyaneshwar

“I enrolled in the Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses on Udemy and I was blown away by the quality and quantity of the content. The course covers everything you need to know to market a local business online using various platforms and tools, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, SEO, Google My Business, Trip Advisor, and more. The course is very comprehensive and updated, so you can learn the latest trends and strategies that work for local businesses. The course is practical and interactive, with projects, quizzes, checklists, and resources to help you apply what you learn. You will learn how to create a professional website, how to write content that drives conversions, how to use Meta ads to reach local customers, how to use SEO to rank higher on Google, how to use email marketing and chatbots to automate your marketing, and much more. I highly recommend this course to anyone who owns or works for a local business and wants to boost their online presence and sales. It is well worth the price and will give you a competitive edge in the local market.” Mirza

Transmute Clicks into Gold with the Ultimate Digital Marketing Course

Imagine a world where every click is a potential treasure, a step closer to unearthing a chest of ready-to-spend customers. Welcome to this course, your map to that world—a realm where your local business isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving beyond your wildest dreams.

The Compass of Clarity

Navigating the labyrinthine landscape of digital marketing can be daunting. This course serves as your compass, pointing you toward the most lucrative opportunities. Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you’ll find a treasure trove of strategies to elevate your brand to legendary status.

The Quiver of Techniques

Why settle for a single arrow when you can have an entire quiver? This course equips you with a diverse arsenal of digital marketing strategies, each meticulously designed to hit the bullseye—your target audience. From the sorcery of SEO to the artistry of content creation, you’ll master the full spectrum of skills needed to become a digital marketing archer of the highest caliber.

The Grimoire of Uniqueness

What you’ll discover here isn’t just another spellbook; it’s a grimoire of unparalleled wisdom. These are my own, award-winning spells—proven, proprietary strategies that you won’t find in any other wizard’s library. And because the realm of digital marketing is ever-evolving, this grimoire is regularly updated to ensure your magic remains potent.

The Shield of Assurance

Your quest is backed by a covenant—a 30-day money-back guarantee. Venture forth with zero risk, knowing that if this course doesn’t transform your business into a local legend, your gold will be returned in full.

The Hourglass of Opportunity

Time waits for no one, but opportunity waits for you here. With a treasure trove of wisdom at your fingertips and a zero-risk guarantee, the only missing ingredient is your action. Are you ready to become the local business legend you were destined to be?

Embark on a Journey to Local Digital Marketing Mastery with Ing. Tomas Moravek

Greetings, Visionary Student,

Welcome to a transformative odyssey that will redefine your understanding of local digital marketing. I am Ing. Tomas Moravek, your guide on this unparalleled journey, an award-winning Digital Marketing Strategist and Facebook Ads Expert. I invite you to step into a realm of knowledge so profound, it will turn you into a local marketing luminary.

Why This Course is a Universe Apart

This is not just another course; it’s a master guide, a magnum opus focused solely on local marketing. It’s a treasure trove of high-quality video explainers, actionable To-Do lists, and blueprints that are your keys to the kingdom of local marketing mastery.

The Three Pillars of Your Fast & Fun Learning Journey

The Alchemy of Interactive Learning: With 210+ interactive quizzes and 40+ practical writing assignments, your learning experience will be as immersive as it is enlightening. Animated explainers breathe life into complex concepts, making them as easy to grasp as they are to apply.

The Wisdom of Practical Screen Recordings: Witness the magic unfold as I walk you through the labyrinth of local digital marketing, step-by-step. These aren’t mere tutorials; they are blueprints to success, each one a proven path that has been walked and won by professionals.

The Golden Path to Career & Freelancing: Your newfound skills are not just for personal growth; they are your gateway to a world of opportunities. Whether you’re eyeing your first job in digital marketing or envisioning a freelance empire, this course is your launchpad.

The Future is Local, and You’re the Navigator

Local marketing is not just a trend; it’s the future. And with this course, you’re not just keeping up with the times; you’re staying ahead of them.

Join the Ranks of Over 900,000+ Satisfied Students

You’re not alone on this journey. Join a community of over 900,000+ like-minded students who have found their calling through this course.

Your Time is Now

The universe has conspired to bring you here, to this moment, to this course. Seize it. Enroll now and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your future as a local digital marketing expert is not just a dream; it’s a destiny waiting to be fulfilled.

The Odyssey of Your Local Digital Marketing Mastery: What Awaits You

Ah, the question that dances on the tip of your curiosity: What will you learn? Allow me to unveil the tapestry of knowledge that awaits you, each thread woven with the golden fibers of my award-winning strategies and the latest advancements in the realm of local digital marketing.

The Meta Business Manager: Your Control Tower

Imagine having a control tower that gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire marketing landscape. That’s what the Meta Business Manager is—a powerful tool that not only organizes your ads but also serves as your analytical compass. I’ll guide you through its labyrinthine corridors, showing you how to harness its full potential to revolutionize your approach to Facebook Marketing.

The Art of Strategic Spending: No More Wasted Gold

In the world of Facebook Ads, every coin counts. I’ll share with you the alchemy of turning your ad spend into a wellspring of endless opportunities, without wasting a single gold piece. You’ll learn to wield Facebook Ads like a master swordsman, cutting through the noise and striking right at the heart of your local audience.

The Meta Ads Codex: Your Local Business Grimoire

When you enroll, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of cutting-edge techniques for every type of Facebook Ad imaginable. Whether you seek to flood your local business with a stream of new customers or to become a beacon on Google My Business, this course is your map to untold riches.

The Symphony of Meta Traffic and Carousel Ads

Imagine orchestrating a symphony where each note is a potential customer, and each instrument is a type of Facebook Ad. I’ll teach you how to conduct this symphony, using Traffic Ads to lure audiences to your website and Carousel Ads to narrate your brand’s epic saga.

The Magic of Meta Pixel and Dynamic Ads (Catalog Sales)

In the arcane world of digital marketing, the Facebook Pixel is your wand, and Dynamic Ads are your spells. I’ll show you how to wield them with precision, targeting and retargeting customers who have already been enchanted by your content.

A Chronicle of High-Quality Video Explainers

As you journey through this course, high-quality video explainers will be your companions, illuminating the path ahead. Watch over my shoulder as I demystify complex concepts, turning them into stepping stones on your path to mastery.

The Meta Pixel: Your Digital Crystal Ball

Imagine having a crystal ball that not only shows you the future but also helps you shape it. That’s what the Meta Pixel does for your Facebook marketing. I’ll guide you through the labyrinth of setting up and installing this magical tool, enabling you to unlock the full potential of Facebook Catalogue Ads. With video explainers as your guiding light, you’ll master the art of defining custom and lookalike audiences, expanding your kingdom of potential customers who are already enchanted by what you offer.

Meta Ad Objectives: Your Compass to Success

In the realm of Facebook marketing, knowing your objectives is like having a compass in a dense forest. I’ll teach you how to set your Meta Ad Objectives with laser-like precision, ensuring that every step you take leads you closer to your treasure—be it brand awareness, customer engagement, or sales. You’ll also learn the art of espionage—analyzing your competition’s moves on Facebook to refine your own strategy, saving you both time and gold.

The Alchemy of SEO & Local SEO

Alchemy isn’t just about turning lead into gold; it’s about transforming your online presence into a magnet for local customers. I’ll share with you the sacred texts of SEO and Local SEO, teaching you the incantations and rituals needed to rank high on Google’s hallowed pages. From the mysteries of technical SEO to the magic of keywords and link-building, you’ll become a master alchemist of search engine optimization.

Website Creation: Your Digital Castle

Every king needs a castle, and in the digital world, your website is your fortress. I’ll show you how to build this castle without the need for coding sorcery. Using just your smartphone or laptop, you’ll learn to construct a professional WordPress website that not only attracts but also captivates your audience. And the best part? This skill is like a golden goose, providing you with an endless stream of opportunities to earn by building websites for others.

The Treasure Trove Awaits

But wait, there’s more—a treasure trove of full-length guides designed to make you the ultimate digital marketing sorcerer. These are not mere scrolls but encyclopedias of wisdom that will deepen your understanding of the digital realm and arm you with an arsenal of tools and skills to conquer it.

When You Enrol, You Also Get:

Course Materials and Tuition Worth at Least $10.800 – you get it all – for a tiny fraction of the cost

Handy PDF & MP3 packed with useful and Extra Resources you can download from our Resource Centre

XLS / ODS To-Do lists to help you get organised and complete all your goals

210+ Interactive Quizzes & 40+ Assignments

Lifetime access & Lifetime updates

Udemy certificate of completion – ready for download

30-day money back guarantee

Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section – ask me a question anytime

PDF 10 lessons to quit your job and become a digital nomad

PDF 10 reasons to become a digital nomad today

PDF Digital Nomad Secrets

PDF Starter pack for digital nomads

PDF 157 questions that will help you raise your prices dramatically

PDF Ebook-Side Hustle Secrets

PDF Create a photography landing page that turns visitors in to clients

PDF Find photography clients before travelling to your next destination

PDF Presentation template: Attracting high value clients whilst travelling

PDF Pricing Strategies and Adding Value

The Gateway to Your Digital Destiny Awaits

Picture this: a door that leads to a realm of endless possibilities, a realm where you’re the master of your fate, steering the ship of your financial future with unerring skill. That door is this course, and the key? Your decision to step through it.

The Armor of Independence

In a world that’s constantly shifting like sand beneath our feet, financial independence is the armor that shields us from uncertainty. This course is your armory, stocked with the most cutting-edge tools and strategies in Local Digital Marketing. Don these armors and become invincible—whether you choose to amplify your own business, serve as a knight in a well-established marketing empire, or become a mercenary offering your skills to the highest bidder.

The Sword of Versatility

But why stop at just one weapon? This course is a multi-bladed sword, sharpening your skills across the spectrum of Digital Marketing. From the art of website and video creation to the science of Facebook Ads and the poetry of copywriting, you’ll wield a diverse arsenal. Imagine being a bard, a warrior, and a mage, all rolled into one—that’s the level of versatility we’re talking about.

The Scroll of Secrets

What you’ll find here isn’t just knowledge; it’s arcane wisdom. These are not the run-of-the-mill spells everyone else is chanting. These are my own, award-winning incantations—techniques that have been battle-tested in the real world and have emerged victorious every time. And because the world of digital marketing is as ever-changing as the phases of the moon, I keep these scrolls updated, ensuring your magic never wanes.

The Covenant of Confidence

I stand by the transformative power of this course, and to prove it, I offer you a pact: a 30-day money-back guarantee. Step into this new world, explore its wonders, and if you find it lacking—which I doubt you will—I’ll return every coin you’ve invested, no questions asked.

The Time to Act is Now

So, what are you waiting for? The sands in the hourglass are slipping away, but your chance to seize control of your destiny is just a click away. With zero risk and a universe of opportunities to gain, the only question is: Are you ready to become the hero of your own epic saga?

Embark on Your Quest

So, are you ready to embark on this grand quest? To unlock digital chests filled with golden opportunities? To become the hero of your own epic tale of success? The scrolls are unrolled, the maps are spread out, and your quest for local digital marketing mastery awaits.

Will you join me and take the first step to your success by signing up?

I Hope to See You Inside and Can’t-Wait to Welcome You on Board.

With Unwavering Faith in Your Potential,

Ing. Tomas Moravek & Team

Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Marketing Expert

Who this course is for:
The Open Door: A Welcome to All. Whether you’re a fledgling mage with but a basic grasp of the digital arts or a seasoned wizard looking to add more spells to your grimoire, this course is your open door. The only key you need is the desire to better yourself and your craft. So, if you’re ready to turn the page and step into a story of your own making—a tale of triumphs, of spells mastered, and of a local business turned legend—then let nothing hold you back. Your future awaits, and it’s looking extraordinarily bright.
The Local Business Maestros: You own a local business and yearn to see it flourish like a crescendo in a Beethoven symphony. You’re the conductor of your own orchestra, but you need the sheet music to guide you. This course is your magnum opus, designed to elevate your local brand to a standing ovation.
The Digital Marketing Apprentices: You’re the young prodigy, the Mozart in his early years, eager to master the complexities of digital scales and chords. You’re looking for a comprehensive guide that goes beyond the basics, that teaches you not just the notes but the emotions behind them.
The Career Changers: You’ve played in orchestras before, but now you’re drawn to a different kind of music. You want to switch from your current role to a career that’s as dynamic and ever-changing as a jazz improvisation. You’re not just changing jobs; you’re changing genres.
The Freelance Soloists: You’re the virtuoso violinist who doesn’t need an orchestra to shine. You’re looking to add more melodies to your repertoire, to offer your clients a concert that spans multiple genres—from Facebook Ads to Local SEO.
The Curious Explorers: You’re the audience member who’s always wondered what it feels like to be on stage. You have no background in digital marketing, but your curiosity is as infectious as a catchy tune. You’re here to discover if this world of harmonies and high notes is for you.
The Symphony Awaits: So, if you see yourself in any of these roles, then take your seat, tune your instrument, and prepare for the performance of a lifetime. This course is your stage, and the spotlight is on you. Let’s make music that echoes in the halls of success and reverberates in the hearts of your audience.

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