Cloud Computing Masterclass – Deployment to Administration


What you’ll learn in this Online Course

  • Learn the Benefits of Cloud Computing.
  • Learn various Cloud Computing Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  • Learn to Setup and Secure a Remote Instance with SSH Key Pair Authentication.
  • Learn to Setup, Configure, and Secure Ubuntu on a Linode Instance.
  • Learn Common Maintenance and Directory Commands for Linux.
  • Learn the Importance of Root/Non-Root User Accounts on Ubuntu.
  • Learn the Foundations of Web Servers, Database Servers, and DBMSes
  • Explore NGINX vs Apache.
  • Learn the Difference between SQL vs NoSQL Databases.
  • Explore Database Transaction Standards (ACID vs CAP Theorem).
  • Distinguish between Stacks, Frameworks, and Languages.
  • Install and Configure LAMP Stack on Ubuntu using Command Line and Linode Marketplace.
  • Install and Configure PHP, and MariaDB on Apache.
  • Learn the Foundations of Firewalls.
  • Setup and Configure Network Firewalls and Hosted Firewalls (UFW).
  • Vertical and Horizontal Instance Scaling.
  • Deploying Auto Load Balancers (ALB) / NodeBalancer.
  • Creating Disk Images and Backups using Linode.

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