Capture, Edit, Render: Create UHD Screen Videos with NVIDI


What you’ll learn in this Online Course

  • Capture and record high-quality screen videos with OBS Studio, with details about custom configurations.
  • Edit video audio with Audacity, eliminating ambient noise and normalizing the audio volume.
  • Edit video and audio with Kdenlive, with details about custom configurations: learn how to apply effects, transitions, and basic edition techniques.
  • Render your projects into constant high-quality, balanced bitrate, low-sized video outputs, with the highest possible processing performance.
  • Produce high-quality videos for your lectures or whatever other applicability you might have for your captured videos.
  • Learn how to capture a 1k video from your screen and upscale that to a 4k final rendered video, ready for upload.
  • Learn the basics about video and audio containers and codecs (encoders and decoders).
  • Know the considerable differences between software-based and hardware(GPU)-based encoders.
  • Learn how to evaluate the quality of an encoded video and how to decide which codecs, parameters, and values to use with ffmpeg (both in OBS Studio and in Kdenlive).
  • Leverage the most from your NVIDIA Graphics Card and from the new generation MP4 NVENC and Webm VP9 encoders.
  • Reduce your rendering time to a proportion of 1:1 compared to your editing video length. Render a 1-hour 4k 60fps video in only 1h-rendering time… instead of up to 10 hours. Diminish 90% of your rendering waiting with custom encoding ffmpeg profiles.
  • Use much less storage space with the new MP4 NVENC HEVC H.265 and Webm VP9 encoders, keeping the same quality (compared to traditional encoders).
  • Know the limitations of the encoding process and how to mitigate them regarding your final rendered video properties.
  • All that using only open-source free Operating Systems and Software: Linux, OBS Studio, Audacity, and Kdenlive
  • Video Codecs used: MP4 NVENC HEVC H.265 and AVC H.264, MKV NVENC AVC H.264, Webm VP9 … with brief comments on FLV, WMV, Gif, and HuffYUV
  • Audio Codecs used: MP4 AAC and Webm Opus

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