Company name : Jio

Job Post Date : 27th October 2020

Function or Business Area : IT and Systems

Job Location : Jio Gaming, Mumbai RCP, Maharashtra

Job Role :

  1. IMS SIP, VoLTE and RCS development and commercialization.
  2. VoLTE/RCS project management from requirements phase to software releases.
  3. Understanding and negotiating operator requirements to ensure spec compliance for open market solutions.
  4. Evaluate gaps in solution and co-ordinate device side implementation
  5. RCS Messaging and Content- Share Development and Commercialization vodafone, Telefonica, Orange RCS Blackbird GSMA Accreditation
  6. Analyze 3GPP and operator requirements, device side implementation

Educational Qualification Required :


Experience level:

0 to Maximum 5 years and above

Skillset Requirements:

1.Must have knowledge of Linux OS, UDP, TCP/IP, VOIP, Scripting, Java or any databases (MySQL should be one of them), basics of networking, debugging, using a protocol like WireShark

2. Knowledge of instant messaging, Hadoop Software, redis, fastdfs, JavaScripting, in-depth DB knowledge, CMS/Drupal, Social networking Solution Knowlege will be an added bonus